Joseph Livingston was born on 20th March in 1986 and brought up in a missionary family in the village called Surda of Jharkhand which is still a tribal village of India. And there he did His schooling in such poverty stricken conditions since his family was missionaries from South India and did not receive any support at that point of time. He spent his early childhood in poverty and painful lifestyle but later God started blessing his family. But he didn’t want to do anything with missions or ministry because he saw extreme poverty in his life so he wanted to become a businessman.

At the age of 14, one day he started getting seizures badly that his parents took him to a doctor to find out he had brain tumor and wouldn’t live if he was not treated for it. But even treating also is not a guarantee that he would come alive. In this pathetic condition at that age he started counting his last days of his life. One day in His room as he was praying that if God would heal him and he saw somebody in the middle of the night stand next to him and said “I’m the God who can heal you right now and I want you to do my ministry so that I will heal you and use you”. He accepted that calling of God and healing of Jesus.

Then on until this day he never went back to the doctor and is still living his life. And carrying the work that God wanted him to do until this day. And he is preaching and sharing the love of God to everyone from that young age of 14. He has seen many ups and downs in all that he has done for the Lord but the only phrase that you will find him say is “The one who has called me is faithful”. And yes he is absolutely faithful to Him to this very day.